Monday, August 22, 2016

#BioplasticsWeek - Digital Conversations To Increase The Visibility Of Bioplastics

The Bioplastics Division of SPI, the plastics industry trade association, is hosting its inaugural Bioplastics Week from August 22-26, 2016. 

Bioplastics Week is a social media driven campaign created to increase visibility for bioplastics by driving digital conversations via social media posts that feature educational bioplastics materials including infographics, reports and blog posts. It will also serve as an opportunity to educate consumers and the plastics industry about bioplastics.

Bioplastics Week events will include:
  • 8/24: Webinar at 2:00 p.m. on making biodegradability and other “green” claims.
  • 8/25: Release of SPI’s quarterly Plastics Market Watch report on bioplastics.
  • 8/26: Announcement of the winner of the Innovation in Bioplastics Award.
According to Bob Lilienfeld, Senior Director Communications and Outreach for AMERIPEN, the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment, 
"Our goal is to educate the packaging and legislative communities about innovations that might align with Sustainable Materials Management and Circular Economy Thinking. Bio plastics can be another implement in the sustainable packaging toolbox."
You can follow the conversation using the Bioplastics Week hashtag #BioplasticsWeek and via the social media accounts below:

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