Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Congratulations To The FoodTech 500 Top Ten!

Congratulations to the FoodTech 500 Top Ten that exemplify what it means to be one of the stars of the FoodTech industry! 

The deeper insights into the people and companies on the FoodTech 500 list make for fascinating reading as they describe how they started out as a company, and their thoughts on the role of technology in the FoodTech industry. Explore the full list of the Fortune 500 of FoodTech here.

Some fascinating factoids about the FoodTech 500:
  • In total, 78.2% of FoodTech 500 companies are less than 5 years old and 56.1% are at pre-seed or seed-stage funding. 
  • Despite their early stage, close to 75% are revenue-generating.
  • The FoodTech 500 represents a truly global response with over 1.200 applications from 54 different countries, across 8 different categories of AgriFoodTech. 

Tomorrow's food trends have a very good chance of starting with the the FoodTech 500, particularly the Top Ten. Watch this space!