Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday Healthy Snack Down

Twice-baked potato skins with a delicious filling of Hooray Puree Carrot.
It's Super Bowl Sunday and when it comes to what to put on a snack down menu, I am reminded of the +Moonalice song by +John Molo and +Roger McNamee, which includes the refrain, "Everyone has an opinion."

With obesity levels reaching astronomical levels in the US, much of the advice is health focused, including some from the CDC with an article on how to kick off a healthy Super Bowl celebration. The word on the tweet is also all about health with +The Huffington Post heading the Top News on Twitter with where to find healthy food in the Big Cheesy.

Closer to home, chez moi we are going the healthy / Google+ crowd-sourced route at our snack down today, with twice baked potato skins and deviled eggs using Greek yogurt and pureed carrot from +Chobani and +Hooray Puree.

Deviled eggs.
Also on the menu is guacamole from a recipe by +Jim Carver with avocados from +Whole Foods Market.

+Jim Carver's Killer Guacamole
"Take the avocados and slice them around the middle as close to the center as possible. Lose the seed and remove the material and make your favorite blend. I like to mash it with a fork or mortar and pestle if there is a lot and add garlic, maybe onion or green onion, salt, pepper, chili powder and some lemon or lime juice. I usually don't use mayo in this. Put the mixture back in the "shells" and serve with some tomato slices, cheese and whatever. Depending on what the "fans" like, you can also have hot peppers around and of course some nice corn chips."
Veggie bites including broccoli, celery and carrot sticks will complete the party tray. Yes, we will be snacking down, but in a healthier way that we have done before.

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